Clyde Bryan is a West Houston business leader who has fought hard for taxpayers, businesses, and neighborhoods.

His opponent is a municipal bond lawyer who has made a living helping politicians pile debt on the backs of taxpayers.

Clyde Bryan fought hard on your behalf against Proposition One (the "Rain Tax"). His opponent called Proposition One "a citizen led grass roots campaign" and promoted it using taxpayer resources. This amounted to one of the largest tax increases in the Houston’s history in the worst of economic times.

We need new leadership at City Hall that puts taxpayers, businesses, and neighborhoods first.


While the results did not reflect the desired outcome, I still feel very good about my campaign.

I knew when I signed up, with two minutes left before the deadline, that I was taking a huge risk.

This race was not about me. It was about you and your desire for real business leadership at City Hall. It was about Conservative values and integrity. Not special interests and deception.

My opponent was promised a challenger when he supported Prop One (the Rain Tax) and I delivered on that promise.

Knowing he had a sizable war chest and the advantage of the resources that his office provides did not dampen my resolve.

I made many Friends along the campaign trail and I will never forget all of you that stood in my corner.

Thanks to all who contributed funds, helped with signs and push cards, made phone calls and sent letters on my behalf.

When I prayed about the election I did not ask for victory. I asked for God’s will to be served. This was not the time.

I will continue to fight on your behalf to repeal the Rain Tax and support the immediate testing of the 20,000 plus untested rape kits at HPD.

My opponent may have won Round One but Round Two is coming and his fraudulent Super Neighborhood mail pieces have exposed him for what he is and who he is.

As the Terminator said, "I'll be back."

God Bless America,


About Clyde

District G Map:

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Putting taxpayers and neighborhoods first,
I will fight to:
  • Protect property rights
  • Increase the city homestead exemption in line with Harris County
  • Establish a regional crime lab to process HPD’s 15,000 untested rape kits
  • Vote the will of the citizens on City Council
  • Prevent future taxes on churches, schools, and non-profits
Putting business and jobs first, I will fight to:
  • Repeal the Rain Tax
  • Streamline the building permit process
  • Provide incentives and predictability for new development
  • End control of City Council by special interests
  • Prevent future taxes on churches, schools, and non-profits
Political Ad Paid For by Clyde Bryan Campaign, Dr. Tom Garcia, Treasurer