1. Untested Rape Kits

    Rape Kits? What Rape Kits?

    At a recent meeting in West Houston my opponent was asked about the untested rape kits at the Houston Police Dept. Even though the crime lab problems have been well documented for over 10 years by the Houston Chronicle and local television stations, he seemed clueless about this very serious issue.

    Our priorities are a reflection of our core values and obviously my opponent does not place much value on the protection of families. Supporting Prop One (the Drainage Fee), the largest tax increase in the history of our great city, was more important than solving our crime lab problem. Increasing water rates by 40% and more than doubling all permit fees related to construction was more important than addressing the crime lab problem.

    Public safety should always be our first priority, not our last. I will work hard with the Houston Police Department to seek immediate assistance from outside agencies to have the rape kits processed. We cannot afford to wait any longer. I will also work with Harris County to establish a regional crime lab.

    Untested Rape Kits Delay Justice in Assaults
    HPD Rape Case Backlog is Far Worse Than Feared

  2. Proposition One (The Rain Tax)

    As a citizen activist I have worked hard over the last 15 months fighting against Prop One. My opponent lobbied for the Rain Tax and even used his District G Newsletter as a tool, before the public vote, on the charter amendment. He ran as a conservative but supported the largest tax and spend program in the city’s history calling Prop One “a citizen-led grassroots campaign” in his newsletter.

    Campaign expense reports from the City of Houston paint a very different picture of Renew Houston according to Texas Watchdog. Renew Houston funding was 90% engineering companies and 10% construction companies that stand to benefit from the charter amendment. This was hardly a grassroots movement.

    Piling more taxes on the backs of taxpayers during the worst recession since World War II is not good public policy. Taxing new schools, new churches, non profits, private schools, Harris County, the airports, and other taxing entities is bad public policy. This regressive tax will drive new businesses and new development out of our great city. I will work hard to repeal Prop One and start all over with a regional plan that would include Houston and surrounding counties along with Harris County Flood Control, the Army Corps of Engineers, TXDOT and Metro. Drainage Fee Campaign Narrowly Passes

  3. Doubling Permit Fees for Construction Trades

    Houston Hikes 150 Fees; Businesses Passing Their Costs to You
    Houston City Council Considers Raising Permit Fees to Help Close the Budget Gap
    Proposition 1 Rebuild Houston Debate

  4. Multi Billion Dollar Unfunded Pension and Medical Payment Liability

    Houston's Pension Plight is Like a Slow-Motion Crash
    City Faced with Staggering Contributions to Pensions

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