Clyde Bryan in race against Oliver Pennington

November 06, 2011, - Election preview, city council candidate Clyde Bryan in race against Oliver Pennington in District G, KTRK-TV 13 - News Story

Sit In At City Hall - Process the Untested Rape Kits

What: Sit In At City Hall
Who: Concerned Citizens and Victims
Why: Process the Untested Rape Kits
Where: City Hall (Steps on the Bagby side)
              901 Bagby,
              Houston, TX 77002
When: Thursday, November 3, 2011 @ 12:00 PM

Description: A peaceful rally to urge the Mayor to take action. Our point is to make a presence and stance on bringing justice to victims by having the kits tested.

Please wear red, white or pink. Red to represent the victim's courage. White to represent peace and justice in having the kits tested. Pink to represent women/girls who have been victimized.

Bring a rose or carnation in any of those colors to leave on the steps of City Hall as a reminder to process the kits.

Clyde Bryan launches two radio advertisements

August 26, 2011, The following radio advertisements outline the issues District G faces as well as the position of the candidates in the upcoming election.

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In August of 2010, Oliver Pennington used his District G newsletter to misguidedly promote Proposition One, the Drainage Fee.

In this newsletter "Renew Houston" is incorrectly described...

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Houston Business Leader Clyde Bryan Announces His Candidacy for the Houston City Council District G - October 10, 2011

Angered by the Mismanagement of Rape Kits within the Houston Police Department and Rising Taxes, Bryan Challenges Incumbent and Makes Public Safety His Priority

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Political Ad Paid For by Clyde Bryan Campaign, Dr. Tom Garcia, Treasurer